Bordin Support and Manual


Version 1.1

  1. Improved the quality of the saved image
  2. Improved the User Interface
  3. Gestures can be used to resize (via pinching) and position (via dragging) the image within the frame
  4. Improved performance

Version 1.0

  1. Initial release

Bordin Overview

Bordin adds a square frame around images and provides functionality to resize and reposition the image within the frame. The result can then be saved (without overwriting the original image) to the phone camera roll.

Please see the instructions below. For questions, support or features request please send an email to

Bordin has two screens or views. The first one allows to select a photo from the phone library or built-in camera while the second one allows to resize and position the image.

opening screen

opening screen

The first screen has two buttons. The left button allows to open the Photo Library to select an image. The right button will open the default Camera for taking a photo. Please note that Bordin will require your permission before it can access the Photo Library or Camera.

editing screen

editing screen

There are two buttons at the top of the editing screen

  1. The left button navigates back to the "opening screen"
  2. The right button saves the edited image into the photo library

The image can be edited (resized and moved) using your fingers

  1. Use two fingers to resize the image
  2. Use one finger to move the image within the frame

The set of controls below the image

  1. The centering buttons
    1. Center the image horizontally
    2. Center the image vertically
    3. Center the image both horizontally and vertically
  2. The Slider resizes the image
  3. The left minus/plus stepper moves the image up and down in micro-adjustments
  4. The right minus/plus stepper moves the image left and right in micro-adjustments

Frame color

At the bottom of the screen there is a scrollable list of colors. The frame color will change depending on the selected color.